MUKTASoft v2.0

MuktaSoft is an exemplar built on the Works platform


Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan Yojana (MUKTA Yojana) is a government scheme aimed towards providing employment to the urban poor and consequently improving the employment rate of the state.

MUKTASoft aims to improve the overall scheme efficiency of MUKTA by identifying & providing equal job opportunities to the urban poor, constructing environment-friendly projects, developing local communities and slums & planning better in the upcoming years.


MUKTASoft is a customisation of the basic Works platform. Not all base Works platform features need to be utilised as a part of this solution. The configuration is MUKTA-specific. UI screens will also be MUKTA-specific. Refer to the UI and service configuration sections for details.

MUKTASoft is a work in progress currently with a release targeted in H1 of 2023. Here's a sneak preview of the product demonstrating how daily wage seeker payments are made faster and more efficiently through the use of MUKTA. The demos also show wage seekers receiving SMS notifications on receipt of payment in their bank account.

Browse the explainer video (long version) showing payments made to wage seekers and receipt of SMS notifications by wage seekers on the credit of wages.

Find the important Mukta-specific program resources below:

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